Fire & Gas Coverage Analysis

Fire and gas detection systems are of great importance to the industry, playing a decisive role in containing fires and preventing leakage. Through calculating coverage, verifying effectiveness, and basing operations on predetermined methodology, these systems set themselves apart as a vital layer of safety.

The Technical Report of the International Automation Association (ISA) TR. 84.0007 “Guide for the Evaluation of the Effectiveness of Fire Detection Systems, Combustible Gases, and Toxic Gases” defines the procedures that must be followed for an accurate risk assessment of the system to take place. 

Here, means of mitigating existing risks are identified, taking into consideration the probability of failure of the equipment put in place to detect, isolate, and/or extinguish fires. Because all equipment possesses an inherent probability of failure, reliability values from international databases and/or information directly from the device manufacturer are used.

Due to the importance of these systems being in working order, Pryxida TECH verifies their coverage using software that includes 3D models of the areas concerned, using coverage angles and radii specific to each detection system according to its manufacturer. This analysis provides the percentage of coverage of the defined area or volume studied, adding a layer of protection to mitigate the risk associated with the facility.