HAZID is a qualitative hazard identification method used for identifying risks within new or existing facilities. It should be implemented during the conceptual phase of a project to detect any factors or defects that pose danger; when done correctly, these factors are quickly identified and can subsequently be removed or modified before the project gets underway.

In order to guide experts through areas of interest, Pryxida TECH offers facilitators who carry out HAZID assessments using a combination of existing checklists and previous workshop experience. The objective: for experts to obtain the necessary feedback to reduce risks associated with a project.


To identify potential hazards within a project


In-person workshop with the added assistance of a panel of experts

Minimum Information Required

  • Process Flow Diagrams (PFD)
  • Operation Manuals


  • Assessment of the elements of checklists pre-established for the type of project
  • Complementary key elements for the panel
  • Assessment and classification of the hazards identified
  • Recommendations


  • List of hazards identified
  • Classification of hazards
  • Recommendations for a plan of action
  • Final report from workshop leader containing all findings