Pryxida Tech develops different hazard and risk analysis, as well as protection systems using specialized licensed software such as PHA PRO, Box TieXP, PHAST, SAFETY, OPEN PHA, exSilentia, PIPENET Sprinkler / Transient, Block Sim, Fire Dynamic Simulator (FDS), DETEC 3D, EFFECTS, AFT Impulse, ALOHA, EPANET, PIROSIM among others.
Additionally, Pryxida TECH develops digital tools for the analysis, verification and management of risks in the different systems, workshops or studies it carries out. In other words, we can be the ideal ally for the generation of software tools designed specifically for the needs of risk management in various applications for all types of industries.

We have advanced in the development of tools for the calculation of the individual risk indispensable in the quantitative analysis of risks, for the calculation of Probability of Death using the Provit method for radiation and toxicity, for the generation of documentation of fire and gas systems, for the evaluation of fire risk, for the quantification of extinguishing systems with water and foam, and for the optimization of nodes in transient analysis.

The development of software tools within the engineering process for risk reduction allows us to become more deeply involved in the problems that are the causes of hazards, as well as in the analysis of the effects of events to create new points of view that facilitate both our staff and our clients to understand the risks to which they are exposed, and to find solutions that are at the forefront of current technological development.