We offer engineering services concerning the structural integrity of physical assets. Through applying the principles of inspection, maintenance, and reliability, focus is directed toward balancing maximum performance with maximum safety.

  • Development and implementation of Integrity Management models for both static and dynamic equipment
  • Ducts Safety Management Systems ANSI/API RP 1173
  • Mechanical Integrity Evaluation as per API/ASME 579 – Fitness for Service
  • Reliability Studies of Control Systems Automation
  • Operational Reliability Studies Based on Fail Frequency Historic Data
  • Reliability-centered Maintenability (RCM)
  • High Consequence Area (AAC/HCA) Analysis
  • Transient Phenomena Analysis for Hydraulic Systems
  • Failure Mechanism Analysis
  • Analyses and Development of Stress Models, Deformations, and Structural Performance
  • Root Cause Analysis
  • Production Asset Management PAS55/ISO55000
  • Corrosion Monitoring and Detection Systems
  • Hot Corrosion Analysis
  • Risk-based Inspection (RBI) for Predictive Maintenance
  • Studies on Obsolescence and Estimated Lifetime of Any Given Equipment
  • Procedures on Dismantling and Technical Abandonment (Decommissioning Strategies)