Project Maturity Models

Pryxida TECH knows the ins and outs of establishing methodologies to secure optimal management in accordance with the client’s approach to project management. With this in mind, we offer consulting services for the development of various techniques included in these methodologies. We also focus on minimizing the risks associated with management of the project and maximizing the certainty of its success. Included among these practices are:

  • Inherently safe design
  • Compliance assurance studies
  • Process Safety Management Systems (PSMS)

Constructability Workshops

A qualitative method that engenders a balanced vision for cost-benefit considerations and safety elements that provide the design with an assessment on the feasibility of its construction, i.e., integration of construction expertise and knowledge into the design or preconstruction phase of a project.

Pryxida TECH offers workshop facilitators to obtain a systematic analysis in various areas using their knowledge and experience in construction, planning, design and installation to accomplish the general objectives of the project. These tasks seek to look at the options available under time, scope, and cost constraints and to enssure that the final system implemented is top of the line.

Project Risk Management Workshops

Risk analyses identify threats and specific situations that can result in either desirable or undesirable outcomes. Pryxida TECH offers trained leaders to facilitate Risk Management workshops; this is done by using brainstorming techniques with a panel of experts to identify abnormal situations, their consequences, and the existing protections. Subsequently, alternative routes are suggested to reduce threats and identify any inadequate or insufficient safeguards.

Project Execution Plans (PEP)

Also known as the Project Development Process (PDP), it is a document that delineates the planning, execution, and monitoring of a project. Pryxida TECH collects pertinent information to develop the document and all necessary appendixes to meet our clients’ standards. In the absence of any previous references, we propose a format that best adjusts itself to the client’s needs and specifications.