Highly efficient when paired with a panel of experts, WHAT-IF is a hazard identification method and qualitative risk assessment used for industrial processes. Experts provide a vital perspective that spawns from hands-on experience in engineering, operation, maintenance and process safety in order to develop a clear-cut analysis of the danger present.

Pryxida TECH offers facilitators who brainstorm with experts to formulate questions that will keep record of events that may result in profit loss, machinery and equipment damage, or harm to people or the environment. Risk assessment is carried out qualitatively and determines whether the level of residual risk is acceptable in relation to the project. If such is not the case, recommendations are made to increase safety levels.


To identify situations that generate unwanted results


In-person workshop with the added assistance of a panel of experts

Minimum Information Required

  • Process Flow Diagrams (PFD)
  • Operation Manuals
  • Maintenance Manuals


  • Development of appropriate questions through brainstorming techniques
  • Identification of potential consequences
  • Identification of existing safeguards in the process
  • Qualitative assessment of residual risk
  • Development of recommendations


  • List of questions brought up through their respective risk analyses
  • List of recommendations
  • Final report from workshop leader containing all findings