Oil & Gas

A wide trajectory in the sector is the fundamental basis of our strategic alliances.

Our experience in numerous requirements for risk management analysis and auditing throughout the hydrocarbon production chain ensures our clients results in line with international standards and the trust of a professional support team in all matters related to the technical safety of the oil & gas sector.


We have a professional team with extensive experience with hydrocarbon transformation and processing systems. Risk management in the multitude of processes in the petrochemical industry requires a professional and experienced team that solves the challenges involved in engineering analysis, standards review, and the execution of standardized studies.


Our team of engineers and specialists is capable of supporting risk management in the vast landscape of chemical plants. Where the handling, processing and storage of chemical substances requires the use of a professional team to provide engineering solutions to risk management, our experience and capability make us a valuable ally.

Mining & Metals

Mineral extraction, transportation, handling, and storage operations require an expert eye when it comes to managing inherent risks. The engineering solutions provided by Pryxida TECH for mining, are in line with international standards and always consider local requirements, ensuring our clients receive our customary professionalism.

Generation & Water

Pryxida TECH has the experience to be an important ally in reducing risk in the stages of generation, transmission, and distribution of energy. We know the legal frameworks that govern the sector, to provide solutions in risk management, in accordance with the regulations and expectations of our clients.


All productive sectors must manage the risks inherent in their processes. Pryxida TECH has the expertise to assist in directing efforts in this area, ensuring that the costs of developments become more than an expense but rather an investment with measurable benefits.


Infrastructure, as the engine of economies, must consider risk management as part of the development of its solutions. We have the capacity to contribute our experience and knowledge to the sustainable development of our societies.


The pharmaceutical industry requires a professional ally with the experience and knowledge to provide options in the important decisions involved in the management of the risks inherent in its processes. Pryxida TECH is the company that partners with the commitments of the pharmaceutical sector in the field of risk management.